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Hello Everyone! I haven’t had the opportunity to post here. I have become extremely involved with my local lolita community, and between hosting meetups, running the Clockwork Rose shop, and every-day life, I just don’t have too much time to update anymore. :c

I was, for awhile, considering turning this into an outfit blog. But that wasn’t the original purpose, so I’ve decided to create a tumblr instead. If you’d like to follow me, you’re more than welcome to do so. You can see the tumblr HERE:

c: I’m always available to answer any questions, and for the time being, I’ll be leaving this blog up. I may come back to it, but I’ve found so much joy in my local community, that I have little desire to ruin that feeling by filling my life with angry hate-secrets, and drama. c: <3 It was a pleasure talking with all of you, and I hope that you all have happy, frill filled lives. <3


-Miss Rosie

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Photopost : April 2012 – June 2012 c:

So, the last few months have been incredibly busy for me. I recently got back in touch with my local lolita community, and have started hosting monthly meetups again! It has been great to get out and make new friends, and stop surrounding myself with all the negativity on the internet. The last four meetups I’ve hosted were a ton of fun, and I even got to go on a roadtrip to Frill with one of my new friends!

April 2012 – Fantasic Dolly

It has been an incredibly long time since I’ve hosted a meetup, so I figured I’d begin with some simple movie meetups. My local community rarely ever has meetups, and movie meetups are good for getting to know one another – all you have to do is pick a place for dinner, and find a nearby theatre, and you’re set. We decided to meetup at a mall for some shopping before the theatre, but we actually ended up staying so long that we never made it to the movies.

May 2012 – Sugar Hearts

Our second meetup took place at a big entertainment complex downtown. We all went to a delicious japanese restaurant for dinner, a cute yogurt shop for dessert, and then to the movies to see The Avengers. I really enjoyed the film, but the theatre was too hot. By the end of the evening my hair falls, accessories, and socks were all crammed into my purse.

June 2012 – Silent Moon

June has been a ridiculously busy month for me! I started out by hosting a crafting meetup at the local library. Reserving a room was really complicated, and on top of that, I offered to buy craft supplies in bulk for everyone who attended. I spent a lot of time putting together craft packs – rose corsages, nail deco, fur collars, and sweets jewelry sets were all available for advance purchase. Unfortunately, most of us were craft novices, and only two people completed their projects!

Afterwards, we went back to the same area of town to have japanese food and yogurt before seeing Snow White and the Huntsman. I can’t say that the movie was my favorite, but the scenes themselves were often very beautiful.

June 2012 – Frill Convention in Atlanta – Day One – Iron Gate

Frill is, as far as I know, the first lolita convention in the USA to occur outside of a larger convention. Even the ‘Fancy French Event’ that I attended a few years ago was held along side another anime convention.

From what I’ve heard, over 150 lolitas attended Frill this year – it was held in a small church hall outside of Atlanta. While I didn’t care much for the venue, I did enjoy the little boutique they had set up, and quite a few of the panels were entertaining as well. I did not stay for the evening events as I was too tired (I arrived in at 1AM that morning!), but I regretted not going when I discovered a friend of mine had won the Brolita Contest!

I must admit though, I was not really happy with the color of lipstick I wore on the first day. That morning I decided to give it a try, but unfortunately when I changed my mind, I couldn’t get it off!

June 2012 – Frill Convention in Atlanta – Day 2 – Strawberry Cream

Day two of the convention consisted of a tea party – which was delicious! I was a bit disappointed that the boutique wasn’t open again that day, I was considering a few of the cupcake necklaces the day before, but wanted to sleep on it before making an impulse purchase.

 It rained that day, so I didn’t bother with straightening my hair. I figured it looked alright with the country style of the coordinate.

That night we went home and worked on finishing some of the crafts from the craft meetup earlier that month. I managed to finish a few sweets charms. I’m going to turn them into pins and rings.

June 2012 – Honey Cakes

I co-hosted our final June meetup at a nearby convention – we had an early morning brunch with heart-shaped doughnuts and bagels! A brunch meetup is great for conventions that don’t have any other lolita-specific activities going on, because it gives you an event to attend and socialize at, but you’re free to leave at other time to visit other activities and panels. I had a really nice time, and met quite a few people from near by cities and states!

Again, we were supposed to go see a movie, but I was pretty tired and only a few people felt like leaving the convention early. Instead, I went home and planned out a few new coordinates for future meetups ~


I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. c: I’m thinking about doing photo posts like this more often – since I don’t really go on any of the online communities, or surround myself with drama anymore, I’ve found that there isn’t as much to write about. Perhaps I’ll get back into the more political stuff later, but for now I want to involve myself in my local community and spend more time doing product reviews and tutorials.

I hope you all don’t mind – and if there is ever a topic you’d like me to write about, please feel free to shoot an email over to

-Miss Rosie

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On Disordered Eating Habits

Note: I’m not claiming to have ever had an eating disorder, I am simply sharing my experience. Feel free to do the same in the comment.

So, today’s post isn’t going to be very organized I suppose, but I’ve been in a bit down lately, and when I’m down, I don’t really feel like writing. When I’m down, I don’t really feel like doing anything much other than sleeping, but unfortunately for me, sleeping hasn’t come easily either.

The last time I wrote here, I was very ill. I’ve since recovered, but over the last few months I’ve dropped to my lowest weight since middle school. I can go shopping in regular stores, people don’t comment on my eating habits, and doctors take me more seriously when I discuss non-weight related ills with them. I see the numbers on the scale shift, I see the behaviours of others change, but I don’t feel any different myself. I look in the mirror and I still see the same person, the same body.  I expect to take up more space than I do, I instinctively reach for the largest size, and I feel so uncomfortable with this change. I feel huge, all the time.

Every morning when I wake up, I look in the mirror and see a strangers face, a strangers body. My face has aged – I’ve lost a lot of hair, my cheekbones are more prominent, and I can see wrinkles beginning to form.  My fingernails are brittle and chipped, and I have a huge scar running down the length of my belly that is red and uneven. For the first time in years, I can see my shoulderblades or collarbones without twisting to make them press out against my skin. I’m not underweight, by any means, but I still don’t feel right. I am bigger than this, I am fatter than this, aren’t I? What I see and what is real don’t match up. Physically I’m at my smallest, and mentally I still take up too much space.

I’ve suffered from disordered eating habits before. What started as a simple diet quickly spiraled out of control, and I fought for months to straighten out my thinking. Dieting became an addiction – could I exist on less, each day? I felt so proud when I could go for days without a single bite, and furious when I fucked it up. A single stick of gum was too much, only a bowl of soup for a day, forget the salad, that’s way too much. Just water. Only water.

It’s been years since I’ve allowed myself to think these things, or write them down. Every day I fight against these ideas – I have to actively silence the whispers of self doubt. I have to give myself permission to exist, permission to be loved and nourished. Permission just to eat. And it is absurdly hard to break such distructive habits- remembering to eat breakfast, refusing to become so busy that I “skip” lunch – these are not things that I should struggle with, but here I am. These little lingering things – the fact that there is rarely more than a single days worth of food at my house, or that here I am, at my smallest in years, and it is still not enough.

I won’t lie, most of me feels like this post is stupid, self indulgent navel-gazing. And sure, I guess it is. I suppose I should just get over it. It isn’t that I want to just ignore every wonderful experience I’ve had, or that I want to discount all the amazing gifts and privileges I’ve been given in life – I don’t. I love my life, I love my family and friends. But, there is still a small nagging part of me that feels like maybe this discussion could be important to some one other than me. I know I’m not the only one who deals with these issues. So why don’t we talk about it?

I feel so restless. I know I’ll never be perfect, so why do I feel obligated to try? Why do you?

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Outfit Post : Meta Strawberries and Cream

I’m finally feeling well enough to wear lolita again, and I thought I’d post one of my current favorite coordinates! I’ve always loved this series by Metamorphose, but I didn’t get a chance to purchase it until recently. I absolutely adore the  strawberries and cakes along the border!

                  • Dress: Metamorphose
                  • Cardigan: Forever 21
                  • Blouse: Forever 21
                  • Purse: Angelic Pretty
                  • Socks: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
                  • Shoes: Secret Shop
                  • Earrings: Betsey Johnson

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Bodyline’s Atelier Pierrot Skirt [L325] Review

It’s time for another review!

Today’s post is a review of Bodyline’s L325 Skirt – an item I’m pretty sure is supposed to be a cheaper version of Atelier Pierrot’s signature corset skirts. While I can’t do an exact comparison review because I don’t own the original skirt, I have owned several bustle OPs by Atelier Pierrot in the past and I feel like I can at least compare the quality between the two companies accurately.

Atelier Pierrot Bustle Skirt (Left), Bodyline Replica Skirt (Right)

Atelier Pierrot’s most popular items are definitely their corset bustle skirts. I have always wanted one because there are a ton of different ways to wear them – you can leave the front bustle down for a classic look, or you can pull all four up for an over-the-top outfit with a ton of frills. Unfortunately, the majority of their bustle skirts do not have shirring, and they sell out extremely quickly. When Bodyline came out with a replica, I thought that it would be a nice way to add a fancy skirt to my wardrobe for every-day wear, but I didn’t really notice all of the differences between it and the original until it arrived.

To begin with, unlike the ones by Atelier Pierrot, the bustles on this skirt are completely fake. This is something that should have been obvious to me from Bodyline’s photograph, but for some reason I thought that they had just folded the bustle under and pinned it at the front. This isn’t the case, instead of there being a string that can be used to lift the bustle up to the desired shape, the Bodyline replica simply has two panels of fabric that drape along the front. They are not connected to the panel of fabric below, so the skirt cannot be let down for a more simplistic look. That said, the Bodyline version does lay a bit neater in the front, so for some, this might be a fair trade off.

Again, this is something that is pretty obvious from Bodyline’s photo, and it is a common design among other retailers like Baby and AP. So, while I’m disappointed by it, I can’t blame Bodyline for my mistake. Still, I feel like Atelier Pierrot’s design is better, because it allows the wearer more options.

The materials appear pretty standard for Bodyline’s quality. Unlike Atelier Pierrot, there is no chiffon underskirt, and they use a thinner cotton. Bodyline’s fabric is a little bit slick and shiny instead of being a matte, and all of the hems are rolled (thread is rolled around the edge to prevent fraying, instead of folded over and stitched on the inside. Atelier Pierrot does this too, though). The ribbon used in the corset is also very shiny instead of being a nice matte grosgrain, and all of the boning is plastic. It reminds me a lot of the fake corsets you can purchase at Hottopic that get warped after the first wear. I do think that the grommets are nice, I’m glad that they are metal instead of lace.

Unfortunately, my biggest complaint about this skirt is that it isn’t at all meant for plus sized girls, excluding even those on the smaller side of the spectrum. When Atelier Pierrot does shirring, they do it right. They usually include a corset so that thinner girls can tighten the JSK or skirt, but under that, they include a panel of extremely flexible shirring so that larger girls can wear the garment too. This is definitely not the case with Bodyline’s replica. I purchased the 2L skirt because I wanted to make sure it would fit, and it looked like the back had a ton of shirring. Of course, the majority of Bodyline’s clothing runs a bit small, so I was expecting this skirt to have a max waist of 80cm instead of the 82cm listed on the site. I would have to say that it is even smaller than that with the shirring in the back fully stretched. Due to my current illness I’ve lost a bit more weight, and the skirt is tight on my current waist of 76cm. I am almost certain that this skirt won’t fit when I get better and regain the weight I lost.  

As usual, the price of the skirt alright. For 53 USD, the materials are acceptable, and the lace along the corset is actually pretty nice. That said, if I’d had the opportunity to try on this skirt in the store, I probably would not have purchased it until it went on sale. As it stands, I would give the skirt a 3/5 for quality, because I don’t really care for the fabric, ribbon, or plastic boning. When compared to the original brand, the skirt is acceptable and wearable, but not really memorable. On its own, it is a nice skirt and definitely good for the price.



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Shoes everywhere! Secret Shop Large-Sized Tea Party Shoes, and Bodyline Rockinghorse Shoe Review

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been very sick for the last few weeks. Today I was feeling better though, and I decided to try on and review some of the shoes that I purchased recently.

Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes (Large-Size)

My birthday was this month, and for my present my darling mother purchased three pastel coloured pairs of Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes for me! I went ahead and purchased myself two more pairs so that I’d have them in every colour they currently make in L-sizes, but I was really worried about the sizing. I’ve tried on Angelic Pretty tea-parties, and regular sized Secret Shop Shoes, but they have always been about 5cm too small for my feet.

Luckily for me, the shoes fit well. I purchased them in a 3L, which is supposed to be 25.5cm. My foot happens to be exactly 25.5cm, and they fit with a little bit of room to spare. Mind you, my big toe is also my longest, so if your second or third toe is the longer than your big toe, you may have different results. For the most part the shoes are comfortable, but I don’t think it would hurt to add a little padding to the insoles for long days. I’ve never owned shoes from Angelic Pretty, but the one’s I’ve owned from Baby the Stars Shine Bright definitely have a bit more padding to them, and are very comfortable for extended wear.

My favorite part about these shoes is the fact that they are made from a nice smooth material and feature a round toe. I have owned Tea Party Shoes from An*tai*Na, and the toes are always very square, which makes me feel like a duck. I also love that the bows are wider than the shoe itself, which makes my feet look very petite and cute, even though they’re actually quite large!

Another big plus is that the colour in the shoes are even, particularly in the red. I have never seen brand shoes with blotchy colour, but I have purchased red shoes from Bodyline (heart buckles) and An*Tai*Na (Tea Parties) that were not dyed correctly, and had very uneven colouring.

I have heard rumors that Secret Shop shoes are made in the same factory as Angelic Pretty shoes. These do feature the same cute polkadot insoles that you see in some Angelic Pretty shoes, but the shoes I received definitely do look different from the ones I’ve tried on in the Angelic Pretty shop, particularly where the bows on the toe and heel are concerned. Regardless, I still feel as though they were an excellent purchase for the price.

As of right now, I would give them a 4.5/5. I do wish that maybe there was a little bit more padding, but if these hold up as well as my Baby the Stars Shine Bright shoes have (three years!) then I’d probably give them a 5/5.

Bodyline Rose Clip Rocking Horse Shoes

Rocking Horse shoes are probably one of my favorite kinds of lolita shoe. I love the height, I love the simplicity, and I love the contrast of the wood-sole with the rest of the shoe. I’ve owned RHS from Montreal, An*Tai*Na, and Yosuke, all of which have been well worn and well loved. Until recently, my favorite shoes have definitely been my An*Tai*Na Ruffle Rocking Horse Shoes, but I haven’t been able to wear them as often as I used too, because clunky platforms aren’t really appropriate for my daily life, and they don’t work well with my daily wardrobe. After falling ill, they’ve became too heavy for me, and they’ve just been collecting dust while I choose flats every week instead.

I’ve been curious about Bodyline’s RHS for quite some time now. Most of the RHS that they carry feature some kind of strap across the front, which is something that I like a lot. Unlike traditional RHS that are secured around the ankle, these are secured around the top of your foot, which makes them easy to walk in because they don’t put a lot of pressure on my weak ankles!

I would have ordered them sooner, but as usual, Bodyline was out of my size. Recently however, they uploaded this version of their RHS to their punk section. Since I was on a shoe-buying kick, I decided to place an order for them in every color as well. I purchased them in a 255, and they fit my 25.5 cm foot exactly. In my experience, Bodyline’s shoe sizing is not consistent, but I feel that these are true to size. I would recommend measuring your foot, and purchasing the size that is equal to your foot in CM, or the size higher if your measurement is slightly over.

As far as quality goes, I would definitely have to say that the shoes appear well made, and they are easy to walk in. The soles are made of foam (thank god) so they aren’t too heavy, and don’t make a ridiculous clop-clop sound while I’m walking around. They are much nicer than the RHS that I’ve owned from Montreal, much easier to walk in than the ones I’ve owned from Yosuke, but not quite as comfortable as the RHS I own from An*Tai*Na. They don’t have any padding along the arch, so if you need support you may need to purchase insoles. Also, as I mentioned before, my big toe is the longest, and since these have a slightly pointed toe instead of a rounded one, they aren’t quite as roomy as I’d prefer. If your toes are different, you will probably have better luck.

Lastly, The flower clip on them is… cheap. I definitely prefer my the flower clips that came with my Yosuke RHS. I do like the lace detailing on the shoes however – it is done very neatly and lies flat against the shoe instead of peeling up. I’ve had that problem with some TaoBao shoes I’ve purchased in the past.

All in all, I’d give the shoes a 3.5/5, which would be upgraded to a 4/5 if they last me over two years with consistant use. The flower clips are cheap looking, and the shoes aren’t quite as comfortable as my An*tai*na shoes. However, they do feature the cross front straps that I was looking for, and the materials and lace details are pretty nice. At 40USD each pair, I don’t feel like they were a bad purchase, and if they hold up well, I’m sure they’ll be a good addition to my wardrobe.

So Ducklings, what do you think? Do you have experience with either of these brands? This is my first Secret Shop purchase, and I am very pleased! And, while I would not usually recommend Bodyline for shoes or bags because of my previous experiences with their quality (I’ve owned bags that broke within 30minutes of using, and shoes so uncomfortable I had to removed them after an hour of wearing!) , I do feel like these shoes are good for the price.



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The right to be ugly.

I don’t have a lot to say right now, I’m currently recovering from illness. I do not look good. I have not been wearing makeup, shaving my legs, or styling my hair. I have a lot of bruises on my body because my body is weak, and a horrible rash from sleeping too much. I’m not bothering to cover either. I’m tired, I’m sick, and right now I greatly prioritize my comfort over the comfort of those who come to see me.

When I get better, I will most likely go back to my typical beauty routine. I’ll shape my messy eyebrows, apply some foundation, and wear a cardigan if my rash hasn’t fully faded. But, I don’t have to. And neither do you.

  • You have the right to be ugly.
  • You have the right to be unhealthy.
  • You have the right to prioritize other things over beauty and/or health.

You know your physical limits better than anyone else. People can criticize your decisions, but they can’t speak for you unless you let them. You have the right to be the person you want to be, now. If you want to be healthy or beautiful, work towards it. If you don’t care, then focus on whatever priorities you do have. If you are confident in yourself, that confidence will spread to other areas of your life. It isn’t your responsibility to make other people happy, unless you want it to be.

Much Love,


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